Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Side of the Fence...

For those of you who are wary about booking a vacation property online through VRBO, it IS possible to have a worry free booking if you are smart.  VRBO's carefree insurance policy does not cover EVERYTHING, so make sure you read the fine print before assuming anything.  Although there are a lot of predators out there trying to phish owner's emails and scam potential renters, most victims of phishing mention that they "felt weird" or got a "bad feeling" that they ignored.  Then they wired money to.......who knows where.  (Again I stress--- NEVER wire money!)

 I found this on a website from a VRBO owner in Bellingham, Wa who described things "on our side of the fence."  I just love it because this is exactly how I feel, and probably how EVERY vacation rental owner feels:

 1) We do a little happy dance every time a new inquiry comes in from VRBO. It is by far the biggest and highest quality referrer for us.
2) We do our best to follow up immediately by phone and by email
3) We celebrate when we get a commitment to rent
4) We cry when people bail out or cancel.
5) We have never asked for a wire transfer. We deal with personal checks mostly and credit cards.
6) Trust goes both ways. We run the risk of people showing up and trashing the house or executing a charge back. We worry about this every time.
7) We are heartbroken when people don't write anything in the guestbook.

Owners, (or at least GOOD owners), CARE!  We really do.  You will be able to feel that we care, you will be able to get a hold of us, and you will receive customer service from people who LOVE their rentals, not just people who work for them. 

Happy Renting Everyone!  Hope this summer is awesome for you!

BTW--- we just returned from Maui and have fabulous new pictures of our updated d├ęcor and new panoramic views from our condos.  More like this, coming soon!